• First One

    Functional Patterns

    We use training methods designed by Functional Patterns, which have unprecedented results worldwide.

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  • second one

    Reduce Stress

    Get your nervous system out of flight or fight mode so you can think, move, breathe, and sleep more efficiently.

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  • third gym training

    Increase energy

    Improve your diet, movement patterns, and sleep. Reap the benefits of high energy and focus throughout your day.

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  • fourth muscle

    Burn fat

    Increase and improve your metabolism to work for you, not against you.

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  • training fifth

    Increase performance

    Improve your movement patterns, strength, stability, speed, and endurance.

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  • gym training

    Live pain free

    Finally get rid of your chronic and acute pain, for good!

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Functional Patterns is a training methodology that was founded in 2006 by CEO Naudi Aguilar. Naudi has conducted seminars globally certifying practitioners like us. We confidently say that Functional Patterns is the best in the fitness industry, take a look at the results achieved world wide by Functional Patterns practitioners.

What are Functional Patterns?

Unlike any other point in human history, the greatest health crisis we face as a species is the imbalances that exist within our modern society and our misalignment with nature. This has had a substantial impact on our movement capabilities as we’ve shifted our daily practices from their roots in natural processes towards sociocultural processes. How do we find balance in today’s world with all the dys-biosis that surrounds us? It’s simple, our adaptability to the natural environment determines our health. The better balanced we are with nature, the longer and stronger we live. For humans, this means bringing us back to the beneficial aspects of our evolutionary blueprint that made us healthy to begin with.

The Blueprint

There’s an evolutionary blueprint to all organisms, and Functional Patterns has been cracking the code in human movement for nearly 15 years. Resulting from tens of thousands of hours in testing, we have pioneered the FP methodology, syncing the physics of our natural environment to our health better than any other system out there. Our conclusion has been to train humans according to their biological movement characteristics: Standing, Walking, Running, and Throwing — The “FP Big 4”. By optimizing these four human functions, achieving better health is not a gamble, but an inevitability. This is what it means to train Functional Patterns!

Our Services

First Class

Initial Consultation

In this complimentary 30-minute consultation, we will discuss your fitness and lifestyle goals. Developing a plan of action will fast track you to obtaining any health, fitness or lifestyle goal you have.

Second Training

90 Minute Assessment

This 90 Minute Assessment is a detailed evaluation of your current physical well-being. First we will assess your breathing mechanics, standing posture, and Gait mechanics (walking/running). With the use of photos and slow-motion video we will break down and identify exact dysfunction in your movement. This provides us with the proper information to identify what physical dysfunctions you may have, and how to fix them. Whether you’re a professional athlete looking to improve their game or someone in pain looking to live and move pain free once again. Understanding how we move and being able to improve and fix the problem is the purpose behind this assessment and future training at Esteem.

Third Class

Personal Training

Personal Training sessions consist of MFR, corrective exercise, and dynamic movements all geared towards accomplishing your fitness and health goals. Every session will consist of exercises designed to improve your movement patterns, performance, and pain free movement.

Fourth Training

Semi Private Training

Semi Private Training provides a more affordable and social option to training. With only 2-3 people in each session you get the motivation and excitement of a group class while receiving the attention of a 1-on-1 training session.


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Expert Trainers

Neil Bortolus

Neil has 10 years of experience and a diverse background as a Trainer and lacrosse coach. As a 4 time NCAA Student Scholar Athlete with a degree in Exercise Science from Kean University, Neil has always placed education, and targeted effective training as a priority. Furthering his education through the Functional Patterns Human Biomechanics Specialist program has developed his skill set beyond traditional strength and conditioning while concentrating on the correction of physical dysfunctions. This provided Neil with the opportunity to master not only mobility, stability, speed, strength and conditioning but also provide rehab and prehab services to his clients and athletes. He has worked with all walks of life from Olympic and professional athletes to individuals with disabilities. Regardless of severity and disability Neil has been able to rehab and correct herniated discs, compression and overuse injuries and enhance movement capabilities for individuals with cerebral palsy, autism, neuropathy and other nervous system disorders. As a lacrosse coach for both Northern Highlands Regional Highschool and the Brotherhood Lacrosse program , Neil continues to make progress in bridging the gap between rehab, strength and conditioning, and the field of play.